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Christening I photographed a few weeks back

Here is a christening I photographed a few weeks back.

I’ve been so busy with things around the house and new jobs and editing  that I haven’t had time to post some of my recent work. But here is a start. We are going back almost 8 weeks.

Liliana was so adorable and fun to photograph. Beautiful girl and so photogenic.

 Now that I have my own baby at home I’m getting allot of practice capturing babies at there best. 


Shots taken after church. I just had to capture her the dress and the lighting

I love this image. 

Just as her father was kissing his child. A real moment indeed!

This image is one of my favorites of the entire Christening. 

The cake was great. What a great job they did on it. Makes you not want to cut it. It tasted great too.

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Ani’s first church visit – St. Gregory’s Armenian Apostolic Church

Today we took Ani to the church for the very first time. St. Gregory Armenian Apostolic Church in Pasadena.  It went very well and ofcourse I had my Nikon with me so I took a few pictures. Well actually my dad took most of the shots. As you can see from the images I am in most of them. 🙂  I’m usually the one behind the camera. What’s going on here? Just kidding. As a photographer it feels good getting your picture taking too sometimes. 

Lusine, Ani, and I at home ready to go to the church.


Arriving at the church with Ani safely snug in the car seat. 


The priest blessing our child. Ani was starring at him the whole time. She really enjoyed the sights and sounds of being there. I could tell. 


Family Picture!


More Family Pictures!!!!


A few portraits of Ani I captured in 10 seconds time. Literally. 


Ani, Lusine, and I. Family Portrait. 


Vertical Shot. Natural Light. 


This last shot was taken right when we got home. I loved the lighting and the fall foliage so I had to have this shot. We have a huge maple tree right in front of our house and its perfect for pictures. Who needs a studio when you have this right.

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If you guys have not yet voted go out there and let your voice be heard. We got robbed in 2000. They Robbed the presidency away from Al Gore. (Florida  Brother Bush had something to do with it.) Let us all unite and elect the right man for the job.

 McCain is one thing but imagine Sarah Palin running the show. I cannot.

I was a strong Clinton supporter . Remember the late 90’s Things were mighty fine then. Who cares if Bill was romancing woman on the side. Atleast this country was booming and the economy and world affairs were great. Bill Clinton was doing his job.   Bush has ruined our country.

Im not really into politics to much but since its election day I thought I might express how I feel about it all. HAHA. After today I will stick to photography. 

Since Hillary is not on the ballot my vote is for OBAMA all the way. I have faith in Obama to turn this thing around.

Hey Mr. President Elect, Free photo sitting for you and your family any time you want to visit. 🙂

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Happy Halloween

Vahagn, Lusine, and Baby Ani Hovhanisian want to wish everyone a happy and safe Halloween.


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Vahagn Video #1 Introduction

Here is my very first video blog post. Lots more to come.

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Ani is home

We brought Ani home Saturday and it has been great. She is changing everyday and getting bigger and bigger. I’ve learned a few things like feeding and burping the baby. I didn’t think I could do it but its just falling into place. 

Ani brings joy to my wife and I and our families as well. She also brings a joy to my camera testing as well. I’ve taken many pictures of her. So anytime I need to test out a lens or a camera, I have just the subject. 

All she pretty much does is eat and sleep. So here are a few images of her sleeping.

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My little princess Baby Ani – Born Oct 22

I just experienced the most amazing feeling I have every had in my whole life. My  little princess came into my life. She was born on Oct 22nd 2008  at 5:30pm. 7 pounds and 7 ounces. Her name is Ani and she was born at Glendale Adventist memorial hospital. Words cannot explain what I was feeling as I witnessed not only a birth of a child but my OWN child. WOW!!I JUST WOW!!!

Things have been crazy these few days and they will continue to be until I bring my lovely Princess Lusine “my wife” and my new little princess baby Ani home. My life has changed and I couldn’t be happier.

Thank you to my amazing wife for going through what she went through. I am so proud of her. She is my hero. She is a trooper. Love you hun. You’re the best. 

Here are just a few images I captured of this amazing time in my own personal life. There will be much more to come. Enjoy 

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Well i finally got a chance to finish the new and improved look of my main site … If you have not taken a look at it , please do so. More to  come about  this later. 

Just want to let you all know that in between all this revamping of my site and all, I also was in the middle of moving fro Glendale to Pasadena  and I’m expecting my first new born anytime now, My wife Lucy and I are very excited. So you could probably figure out just how busy I have been  this  few months but it’s all worth it. 

I just shot some images of my wife’s cousin’s 5 day old baby boy in the studio. It was quite an experience. We had a blast. I will post some images up in a few days. 



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I am back!!


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